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Cause we're so love struck.

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community for fans of the amazing band V FACTORY.
Love struck.

Welcome to V Factory Fans! This livejournal community is dedicated to the 5 georgous boys of the pop group vfactory. We aim to bring up to the minute news and information, including anything you would like to know!

Ze Rules.

→ No bitching, flaming and claws. No cat fights here, bb's. Got it? Good.
→ Respect the boys of V factory. If you're here to hate and cause disruption of any sort you will be given a warning, if done again, you will be banned. V factory do this for their fans and if you're unable to appreciate that then you have no business here.
→ Advertising or passing on of links leading to unofficial or leaked material is not tolerated at all. (Exceptions may be made to remixes of songs and official preveiw/snippets of songs)
→ Need help? Want to find out more? Then speak, friend, speak.
*Rules subject to change.

She bad.

This Comm is headed by yolisting. More Mods will be added over time as the community grows. If you would like to know anything else or have suggestions feel free to contact me at djtech.1@gmail.com.

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